All About Brad

Brad, 26, is the kid I gave birth to on April 24, 1983, for those of you not in the know.  He’s the light of my life, the apple of my eye, all those corny cliches.

I awakened very early this morning to hit the computer because I knew I’d be taking him to his friend’s house in preparation for heading to the docks to catch his very first cruising ship.  Yup, my baby is heading off on his first cruise today, to Bermuda.  It’s a 10 dayer, too long, IMHO, for a first cruise, but he’s joining a friend of his and his parents, who urged their son to invite Brad and another friend to come along.  So three horny bachelors will be prowling this Princess cruise for chicks.

When Brad asked me to quiz him on last minute items he might need, I asked, “Did you bring any condoms?”  “Yes,” he answered quickly, then eyed me suspiciously.  “THAT’S the first thing you thought of?” he demanded incredulously, “not my insulin, passport, license, diabetes supplies, suntan lotion–CONDOMS?”

“I saw you’d packed everything else,” I said, “but the condoms you would have hidden from me, so I asked about those.”

He gave me a dirty look, but I WAS right.

Brad also gave me his Power of Attorney in case his lawyer called and wanted me to go to contract on the house he’s trying to buy.  There have been so many problems connected with this damn house in Wantagh!  It’s a gorgeous place, but when Brad had it looked over by a very detailed inspector, the guy found problems with the electricity (not 200 amps, as claimed, but 100); a brick wall needs to be completely rebuilt (for about $4,000); the deck in the backyard has no CO and wasn’t build to code); and the apartment built in the basement has a toilet that is issuing the odor of shit,

Anyway, the owners are getting a CO for the deck, but will most likely be taking down the pool, which Brad says he doesn’t mind because he can only use it three months out of the year, anyway.

The original asking price for the house was $415,000, and they agreed to let it go for $400,000.  That’s a great price for a house here on Long Island, New York, believe it or not.  It has three bedrooms and two full baths.  Plus the basement apartment has its own entrance from outside and could easily be used to bring in rental income, if Brad wants.  His friend Mark, who is very unhappy living at home, wants to move in with Brad and pay him rent.  Perhaps he can take the basement apartment and share the kitchen.

I REALLY don’t want to go to contract in Brad’s place.  For one thing, I’m very nervous about doing something I feel HE should be doing; I want him to take on ALL the scary experiences that go with purchasing a home.  For another, the signing will take place in Queens, and I don’t want to drive someplace I’ve never been before!  I get scared doing that, and usually, very lost, too!

However, I will do anything for my baby boy, who, at 26, still seems like a little boy to me.  Sure, he’s a teacher making more money in a year than I will ever see, but it’s hard for me to get past memories of that chubby-cheeked blue eyed boy who played for hours lining up his Matchbox cars on the kitchen floor.

Plus he has no idea how to cook!  He’s going to sit at the table in his own kitchen, waiting for some magic to occur and food to magically appear in front of him!

Love, Robin


2 Responses to “All About Brad”

  1. Dawn Says:

    What we Moms won’t do for our baby boys…you’ve nailed it Robin.

    • robinhelene Says:

      We will do anything and everything, of course, Dawn! I just heard from his lawyer, who wants me to go to contract on his house! I SO want him to do that! It scares the shit out of me, turning 40 thousand dollars over to his lawyer while he’s living it up aboard a cruise ship! Man, I want HIM to deal with the terrors associated with buying a house. I’ve done it twice already, and having to do it again does NOT appeal to me in the least, believe me!

      Love, Robin

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