I was SO SICK when I got home last night, I laid in the lounge chair, unable to budge.  I asked Dan for a garbage can or something else I could vomit into, so terrible was the nausea in my belly.  He handed me the big brown bowl in which we usually keep fruit.  I did my best to refrain from vomiting, not wanting to upchuck the pills I’d taken while out with Jess.

Truthfully, I should have stayed home, but dizzies or not, I’d promised Jess that I’d go to the movies and out for a bite to eat with her, and I didn’t want to break my promise.  I was feeling overly full and dizzy after eating at the Mediterranean restaurant with Dan, but I gave myself a few moments to rest before driving over to Jess’ house, thinking I’d be OK if I relaxed and rested a bit.

Driving while dizzy is never a good thing, but I felt confident in my control over the car.  I had asked Jess to drive from her house to the theater, so I felt better that I wasn’t driving the entire way there.  Her dad seemed to feel we should be going to the beach instead of the movies on such a perfect day, but just the thought of lying in the hot sun made my stomach lurch and my head do plies.

Jess drove us to the theater behind Starbucks, where we saw THE HANGOVER.  It was raunchy and funny, but I realized early on that I wasn’t in the mood for it.  I sensed I would have been belly laughing had I been feeling better; as it was, I was forcing my guffaws and giggles.  The movie WAS really funny, but I wasn’t able to appreciate it in the state I was in.

Afterwards, we went across the street to Panera Bread.  I ordered a cinnamon twist (very sweet) and coffee.  It was early, about 4:30, but I took all my medicine before enjoying the bun and coffee.  Jess and I had a nice, breezy conversation in our nice seat by the window, but my stomach started showing its displeasure shortly after I’d eaten, roiling and paining me.

After Jessie finished eating her chocolate chip bagel, we left.  I really thought I was going to pass out when we climbed out of her car.  I was all right driving home in mine, but I stumbled into my house and planted myself in the lounge chair, feeling as if my brain were spinning uncontrollably in my skull.

Feeling as if my blood sugar were low, I carefully, slowly ate a few small biscuits of Mini Shredded Wheat.  I felt a bit better.  I ate a few more.  I watched TRUE BLOOD and HUNG with one eye open, trying to stay awake.

Dan complained about the tiny, gnat-like bugs plaguing our house.  He wants them GONE, NOW, NOW!

I told him in a strange-hounding voice that I was dying and didn’t give a shit about the damn bugs; leave me alone!

It took a tremendous effort and several stops to urge my surging stomach to work my way upstairs, where I collapsed on my bed, gave myself my insulin injection and drank a few sips of water.  Realizing I had to use the toilet, I cursed, bounced off the walls making my way in there, sat half on and half off the toilet, did what I had to do, and nearly pitched forwards, my head narrowly missing the floor.

How was YOUR Sunday night, my friends?

Love, Robin


2 Responses to “”

  1. Bambi Says:

    OH MY!!! That was *not* your day. Sorry to hear it.
    must admit that your “I told him in a strange-hounding voice that I was dying and didn’t give a shit about the damn bugs; leave me alone!”
    Had me in stiches!!! 😛

  2. robinhelene Says:

    Listen, I’m glad it made you laugh, my friend, even if hubby was pissing me off bigtime! Sometimes, I find, husbands just don’t GET IT! Love, Robin

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