My bad!

I know, I’ve been lax. That might happen until I’ve gotten back into the habit of writing a blog again.

Tuesday evening, I went out to dinner with Sharon, my best friend of over 40 years. We were constructing our ideal man if we were to start from now, from our vantage point of having each had a not-so-perfect husband for over 30 years apiece. Sharon’s most cherished quality, was honesty, and she wanted the joy of that first kiss that left her breathless and made her feel the flush of brand-new love.

As for me, I wanted a guy who would slowly, lovingly, usher me into great sex. Am I, even now, capable of enjoying it, given my unhappy background? Even if given a good partner? I don’t know, but having a man who took his time, was in great physical shape (yes, I’m shallow, I want a guy I’m truly attracted to!), is part of the package I insist on. There will be orgasms, many, and it will be fantastic!

Funny thing is, when Sharon talked about that kiss, I almost wanted to plant one on her, just to see if *I* could give her the kiss she wanted! What the fuck, Robin?

We spoke of that time when our husbands pre-decease us, when we move in together, take care of each other, go on vacations and enjoy whatever years we have left as platonic companions. It never occurs to us that we might die before our husbands do or that one of us or both of us might meet another guy.

Dan went to a Grassroots concert last night, presented free by the town of Farmingdale. I had planned to join him, but I got a call from V requesting that I finish up my SUPERNATURAL column, so I used that as an excuse to beg off going. These things are so crowded, we usually have to park really far away and walk a long distance, then sit equally far away. Dan told me it was a fabulous concert. I felt guilty sending him alone, but he met lots of his co-workers there, so he really wasn’t all by himself.

The weather has been warm, and some days very humid. We’ve been using the A/C a lot, so our electric bills will be terrible. I think I’ll leave them for Dan to open!

I finally called down south and made arrangements for my retirement. I have a feeling what I’ll be getting as my pension won’t come anywhere NEAR covering all our bills, but I’ll just get a part time job and not worry about it. I will be FREE of that terrible, mind-numbing, soul-stealing place, and that’s what counts! Yee haw!

Brad has to set up his financing for the house, and I guess once that happens, he’ll be the proud owner of his own house! I vacillate between sad, scared and proud every time I think of looking in his room and not seeing him, his bed or his furniture! We might be able to bring this house to some semblance of order now!

Nah! I’m kidding myself. I live with DAN! Chief of Farts and Disorder!

Beginning this week, we’re getting two reruns of SUPERNATURAL Thursday nights–one at 8 PM, one at 9. Does it get any sweeter than this?

Please check out!

I worked on SUPERNATURAL, season 3, episode 8 – “A Very Supernatural Christmas.” Check it out!


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