Something that saddened me today

My local newspaper, our only paper, really, had an article on the second page about something happening this weekend they don’t normally cover. Little Shelter is an animal rescue group that works here on Long Island, New York, rescuing dogs and cats, finding them homes. They are a no-kill shelter, and my husband and I support them whenever possible.

The article said they currently are housing more than twice the number of dogs and THREE times the number of cats and kittens than they normally do. With people losing homes and barely able to feed themselves, they have had to give up beloved pets in droves over the past year or so. It’s truly heartbreaking.

This weekend, they have a major adoption event. While I would love to add another dog to our home, my husband and son won’t let me; they say two dogs is enough for now. My husband and I have attended for the past several years. They have some wonderful Chinese auctions, and for a $20 donation, we have won tickets to Mets/Yankees ball games, restaurants, spas, etc., more than getting back what we have donated.

My only problem is seeing all the dogs and pups they have for adoption. I WANT all of them! Barring that, I know my contribution will help feed and house them at Little Shelter, at least.

My prayer is that there will be a lot of folks there tomorrow and Sunday, looking to adopt dogs and cats, and that Little Shelter will find they have matched lots of happy people with the wonderful love of pets–and thin out their overcrowded shelter.

Love, Robin


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