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I have begun!

July 23, 2009

Yesterday, I spent two hours having V (and that is the name both you and I will know him by) of Moogi explaining to me how I will be entering SUPERNATURAL into Moogi’s database.  Was I nervous?  YES!  Was I confused?  YES!  Was the amount of information he gave me over those two hours enough to make me wonder if I was biting off more than I can chew?  Hell, yes!

Then I remembered–years ago, I used to arise at 3:30 AM, take my laptop into my living room, fire up my VCR (remember those?), and write a review/synopsis of two episodes per day, five days a week!  That’s 10 half hour episodes per WEEK!  It was including bits of dialogue, my own wry commentary.  I had to stop the recorder and go back, listen to what I missed, take notes, type dialog verbatim!  Imagine–DARK SHADOWS was 1,224 episodes, and I sat and did that with every single one!

Was I crazy?  Yes, but I loved that damn show that much, as much as I now love SUPERNATURAL, and I think I can handle doing what V wants done one episode per WEEK!

V asked me to work on one episode from season 3, since I have the DVD, so I requested “A Very SUPERNATURAL Christmas.”  It’s one of my favorite eps, it has lots of brotherly love–and so many mentions of pagan gods and lore that I barely could understand!  That might be a problem, but I’ll figure it out.  V wants me to dig out all the little bits of detail and information hidden in every episode, like digging out gems. It’s a lot easier to see what I’m talking about than to understand it from my description here.  Go to, please and you’ll see what’s going on.  I snagged SUPERNATURAL, and I am ecstatic!

Son Brad is still on his cruise; no news to report there.  He hasn’t called since last time to tell me how much fun he’s having.  Hey, I wish he was here and I was there.  God, I love cruising!

My older dog, Snaps, is having trouble walking and I’m very worried about him.  He’s going to get clipped Saturday and then I’m getting him to the vet.  I think he’ll feel a lot better after he’s washed and clipped.  The eye we had operated on looks pretty good, but he always gets a rash in the summer on his back, and the only thing that works on that is a bath in this special shampoo we bought for him.  He’s going to be 14 on August 20th, no longer a youngster.  He still loves eating scraps from the dinner table (a bad habit DADDY taught him as a  puppy), and walking on a leash.  I take him and his brother (that would be biting Bugsy) out once daily, other times they have our fenced-in yard to enjoy and run around in.

So I sat down with the DVD of  “A Very SUPERNATURAL Christmas” and got about halfway through it, noting when the scenes began and ended (not my favorite portion of this project; they want the exact begin and end time, minutes and seconds) and what happened in each scene.   I love synopsizing episodes, always have, but Moogi is going to give those who come to the site so much more bang for their buck!

Last night, Dan and I went to Giovanni’s Wednesday night pasta dinner special.  When we moved here in 1988, it was only $5.95, but today it’s $9.95 for salad, a choice of 40 different pasta dishes, cheesecake and coffee.  I almost always have linguini with red clam sauce and Dan chose spaghetti with meatballs.  Yummy!  I skipped the cheesecake since I’m trying to be good, dietwise.

Speaking of which, when she saw his terrible A1C, Dr. Jacob put Dan on a shot of insulin this past Monday.  Since he started taking it, in addition to watching his food intake, his sugars have been PERFECT.  I’m happy for him.  My last A1C was worse than my previous one, which is why I’m being much more careful in what I’m eating.   The pasta we ate last night was the very worst food we’ve ingested in quite a while.  Tonight, I’m making salmon.

Love, Robin