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What I’ve been doing this week!

August 14, 2009

Hi, all!  Most of this week has been spent sitting on my fat ass working on inputting my SUPERNATURAL eps.  (Go look there, friends, please!)  It’s a lot of work, but when it’s a labor of love, I can’t really call it work.  I think of all those hours and hours I spent working on DARK SHADOWS episodes, and this seems like a lot less by comparison–but I’m lots older and more tired now!

Still, every time I watch an episode of this show, I see something new.  To me, that’s a quality TV show!  I watched “Mystery Spot” yesterday and today, and I was really impressed with Jared Padalecki.  He was good as Rory’s boyfriend in GILMORE GIRLS, but as Sam Winchester, he’s become an actor of depth and brilliance.  Working with Jensen Ackles, viewing Jared and him are like watching a shiny, balanced, perfectly-pumping machine.  They keep me awestricken!

I have to run some urine (pee) over to the lab.  Even though I had a three day course of antibiotics, I think I still have a bladder infection.  So I have to give them some urine .  I should stop puttering around here and get my ass off to the lab.

I will try to post more frequently here.  Problem is, most days there’s little to tell.  Ooh, I forgot–yesterday I bought a new pair of sneakers and four boxes of coffee at Kohl’s.  They had a BIG sale and gave 30% more off if you used their credit card.  I had to apply for one when I got there, no big deal.  So I bought the sneaks for $40 (Reeboks), and four boxes of Keurig coffee packs, $10, each, and got 30% off on top of that!  Nice deals! I do LOVE saving money, don’t you?

Love, Robin