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Harry Potter Again!

July 19, 2009

Dan and I ate breakfast at Krisch’s this morning, where they had new menus with higher prices. Our waitress, a stranger to us, apparently screwed up our order and we weren’t served breakfast for more than half an hour.  We complained about that to a waitress we’ve known there for many years who has apparently gotten promoted, and she only charged us for one breakfast, which was kind of nice.  As diabetics who’ve already taken our meds, we really can’t be left waiting too long to be served.  Plus I had to ask twice for water and our juices.

Dan, our friend Scott and I went to see Harry Potter today.  It was good, not great, but I wasn’t feeling that well, so maybe I just wasn’t able to fully appreciate it.  Afterward, Scott kept talking and spilling spoilers that were getting me so angry at him!  Did he have to tell us who DOESN’T kill Voldemort?  Did he HAVE to tell us that the person who DOES kill Voldemort is just the PERFECT person to do so?  I hate people who feel compelled to spoil, even veiled spoilers!

I woke up with the dizzies this morning.  It might have been the extreme humidity; we haven’t put the air conditioners in the windows yet.

Dan went out to get us food from Giovanni’s.  Even though I was suffering from the world’s worst case of heartburn, I had him get me a chicken roll with extra tomato sauce.  Every bite I swallowed was like a sword in my gut!  Then again, anything I ate would have made me feel equally horrible.

I should have just stayed in bed and slept today; it would have made the dizzies fade and most likely eased my heartburn, too.

Not the world’s most exciting day, but I did enjoy HARRY POTTER.  Those kids are growing up so cute!

Love, Robin